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Carpet Repairs & Re-stretching

Chem-Dry Professionals SA can re-stretch and repair your carpets removing the unsightly “bubbling and ripples” that can occur when carpets have been incorrectly laid or cleaned by excessive steam cleaning. We also offer solutions to water damage.

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Let Chem-Dry Professionals SA technician repair or re-strectch the affected areas in your carpet.

Need Carpet Repairs in Adelaide?

Carpets can turn any room in your home into a comfortable and beautiful gathering place for friends, family members, and houseguests. While you can make small fixes to your carpet at home, when it comes to large-scale restoration and carpet repairs, Adelaide Chem-Dry professionals can help you to rid your carpeted surfaces of discolouration and restore their original vibrancy and beauty. We also offer carpet water damage solutions. Take action immediately when your carpet is stained or tarnished, and call in Chem-Dry specialists when you’re ready to thoroughly clean, repair, and sanitise your home’s carpeted surfaces.

Pet stains can cause some of the most devastating damage to your carpets. If left alone, pet urine stains will seep right through the fibres of your carpet and begin to infect the foundational surfaces below. As a result, you’ll notice not only a stubborn and highly visible carpet stain but also a pervasive pet odour that turns your home into an unpleasant environment for family members and guests. If you encounter a corrosive pet stain that calls for carpet repairs, Adelaide Chem-Dry specialists can help you to tackle the stain effectively in order to eliminate pet urine odour and limit structural damage to your home.

No matter how hard you try to limit or eliminate household accidents, your carpets will inevitably undergo staining and tarnishing over time. While these stains are an ordinary part of life, they don’t have to turn into a long-term problem that tarnishes your carpets and diminishes the welcoming ambience of your home. When you need reliable and thorough carpet repairs, Adelaide carpet experts at Chem-Dry Professionals SA can help you to sanitise and deodorise your carpets for a fresher, cleaner, and more beautiful home.


  • I have tried steam cleaners before and have never been completely satisfied. My friend recommended Chem-Dry Professionals SA and said you were good. I thought I would give you a try. My carpets look great and they dried so quickly. I will only use your company in the future.

    E Taufa Firle
  • I will only use Chem-Dry Professionals SA in the future. Your technician was so professional and helpful. Thank you Kyle for getting my carpet and upholstery so nice.

    A Baron – Largs Bay
  • We had your Technician cleaning various items at our home. He was a most thorough and professional young man who did his utmost to please. It was our pleasure to have him in our home. Please consider yourself fortunate to have such an employee.

    Mrs R Pye – Crafers
  • Chem-Dry Professionals are great to deal with, they are professional and efficient, they always do a great job, never had any issues at all. Jeff is wonderful to work with through our company that provides 3rd party technicians in South Australia.

    Ms J Masters – Upcare
  • I thought my tiles were clean, that was until your tile and grout cleaner demonstrated his cleaning method. My wet areas and living area tile and grout has never looked so good.

    Mrs J Smith Callington
  • I wish to take the time to thank you for the professional service that you provided. The technician on arrival was very helpful and explained the work that he was going to do.  I am absolutely delighted with the results. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.

    Mrs A Barrett Seaton
  • I had my upholstery and  carpets cleaned and then decided why not get the Tile and Grout cleaned as well. Just wonder whether you babysit kids……Very Happy.

    Ms A Mahoney.
  • Always a great job, that’s what you pay for and they deliver.

    Mr G Grantham – Windsor Gardens
  • Thanks for the helpful advice, I used your spotter and I was able to get most of the stain out. When Michael came out the next day he just fixed up the rest.

    Maria –  Hotel House Keeper – Adelaide
  • Thanks guys for the clean. Was worried about those carpet stains on my rental but you guys got it out with no issue! Got my full bond back and will be using you for when I leave my new rental. Fantastic Job! Great friendly service!

    Mr S Bais – Adelaide
  • What great service you provided. I thought you would never get my carpets cleaned after my pet had soiled the carpet…..but you did… Thanks guys another happy customer.

    Ms J Matang
  • Excellent job well done guys for the wonderful clean. I’m definitely going to use you guys again. Would recommend everybody to use these guys.

    Mr J De Mille – Goodwood