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Terms and Conditions

Chem-Dry Professionals SA Promise (Terms & Conditions)

I Understand that by accepting the Chem-Dry Professionals SA Promise offer, I am accepting the following terms and conditions. The offer is available to customers who have purchased the Powerguard Protection and PF Spot Remover can. Only the areas that were protected are covered in the promise. Prior to our technician attending, the customer will have first attempted to remove the stain by using the PF Spot Remover.

Customer care line for any queries 0414 841 717.

The customer will contact Chem-Dry Professionals SA within 48 hrs and arrange a technician to attend the property after the attempt has been made and the stain is not removed. I understand that should a technician come out and use the PF Spot Remover and successfully removes the stain, there will be a call out charge.

I understand that only the stained area will be serviced by the technician, and that no guarantee is given or implied that the stain will come out, but that every attempt will be made to remove the stain free of charge. The offer is valid for 6 months from dated invoice. A Waiver and Disclaimer is required to be signed prior to any spotting being attempted.