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Bond Cleaning in Glenelg, Eastwood, Erindale, Frewville or Glen Osmond

When you sign a tenancy agreement to rent a lodging property, your landlord will likely require you to pay a rental bond or security deposit. This money is basically insurance for the property manager, meant to cover cleaning costs, outstanding rent or other expenses after you—the tenant—move out. If there are no such expenses, the bond money should be returned to you in full at the conclusion of your lease.

Based on South Australian laws, there are two guidelines for bond amounts when it comes to residential tenancy agreements. According to the state government, a property manager can charge a rental bond of up to four weeks rent if the weekly rent is $250 or less. If the weekly rent is $250 or more, the landlord can demand a bond that covers six weeks of rent. In other words, a bond deposit for your lodging could amount to between $1,500 and $2,000 if you live in a more expensive rental. Even for cheaper lodgings, you can still easily put up hundreds of dollars in bond money. While some landlords won’t require rental bond money, the fact is that most will.

Get Your Money Back, by Hiring Chem-Dry Professionals SA for Bond Cleaning in Eastwood or Erindale

Needless to say, you need to make sure that you can get your security deposit back at the conclusion of your residential lease. Rental bonds can represent a significant chunk of change, and that’s money you won’t want to leave on the table when you move out of your apartment. Whether you need cash to put towards a down payment on a new house or towards another bond deposit at a new apartment, one of the best ways to get that money is making sure your landlord pays back your bond in full.

How can you guarantee that you get your bond back—or at very least, that you maximise the amount of money that is returned to you? The first thing, of course, is to be careful and responsible while you are living in the dwelling. Alert your landlord if there are any strange issues with appliances. Most property managers have on-site maintenance staff meant to address these kinds of resident work orders. In addition, avoid putting holes in the walls or chipping paint by hanging posters and paintings, and do your best to remove any stains from the carpets.

When you are ready to move out, you can also give Chem-Dry Professionals SA a call for some extra help. We perform bond cleanings in Frewville, Glen Osmond, Glenelg, Eastwood, Erindale and other towns throughout South Australia. We can come to your dwelling to do a thorough cleaning of the carpets, walls, tile floors, bathrooms, kitchens and windows. When we’re through, your landlord will hardly be able to tell that you lived in the space at all!

Book a Bond Cleaning in Glen Osmond Today

Let Chem-Dry Professionals SA help you get your rental bond money back and set you up for a more financially comfortable future. If you are interested in booking a bond cleaning in Erindale or Glenelg, you can do so by calling us today on 1300 884 405.

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