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At Chem-Dry Professionals SA, we specialise in bond clean services in Adelaide. We provide detailed cleaning of your entire property—including carpets, tile floors, walls, windows and kitchens. The Chem-Dry name is known throughout Australia for premium carpet cleaning services, so if you're worried about an unsightly stain or two ruining your chances at getting your rental bond back, just give us a call, and we'll take care of it!

Hire Chem-Dry Professionals SA as your Adelaide bond cleaners today! You can reach us via both telephone (1300 884 405) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

If you have been renting a house, apartment or townhome in Adelaide but are getting ready to move out, you are probably hearing your real estate agent throw around the term 'bond cleaning' a few times. But what exactly is bond cleaning, and why is it important that you hire a skilled team of bond cleaners to prepare your Adelaide apartment for your exodus? Read on for more details about what bond cleaning means, as well as who you can hire to perform your bond clean in the Adelaide area.

Bond Cleaning

When you first rented out your current dwelling and moved in, you probably sign a tenancy agreement with your landlord. You also probably paid your landlord a security deposit or a rental bond as a condition of moving in and actually starting the tenancy agreement. This rental bond is meant to ensure that a landlord or property manager has collateral to cover unpaid rent or to pay for damages to the dwelling, in case their tenant skips out on the agreement or is unable to pay.

Ideally, when your tenancy agreement comes to a close, and you move out of your apartment or house, your landlord should reimburse you what you paid upfront in rental bond costs. Since the bond is merely a deposit, it is meant to be paid back to the resident upon the completion of his or her rental agreement.

However, before you can complete your tenancy agreement and get your rental bond back, your property manager will want to inspect your dwelling and make sure that everything is in good, working order. Broken appliances, damage to walls or excessive dirtiness of the living space can all affect how much money of your rental bond you'll receive back. Needless to say, if your landlord has to spend money to replace, repair or clean parts of the dwelling, that money is going to come right out of your rental bond.

A bond clean is one of the last things you should do before completing your tenancy agreement. You want to clean the property thoroughly so that when your property manager comes to inspect, he or she finds no violations that would cost you in bond money. A good bond cleaning in Adelaide, in other words, is an important step to make sure that you get all of your money back and that you end your relationship with your landlord in a positive fashion.


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