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Carpet Dry Cleaners in Adelaide with over 30 Years Experience

Cleaning your carpet no longer has to be a chore you dread in the Adelaide area. With the help of Chem-Dry Professionals SA, you can get your carpet cleaned within a day and enjoy its spotless, stainless quality for months to come. Chem-Dry products are natural and eco-friendly. They will not harm your children or animals, and cleaning your carpet will be easier than ever. Using carpet dry cleaners Adelaide residents love is a great way to prepare your home for a party or to just clean your carpet on a regular basis.

Our website,, lists our Chem-Dry products you can purchase in order to keep maintaining your carpet’s cleanliness. You can remove pet odours with our Pet Odour Remover or deodorise your carpet on your own. These products are proven to be more effective than steam cleaning, which soaks your carpet and promotes the growth or dirt and grime rather than removing it. Our reputation for great carpet cleaning in South Australia sets us apart as carpet dry cleaners Adelaide can rely on.

The next time you need your carpet cleaned, don’t rent a steam cleaner that will leave you waiting for days for your carpet to dry. Book Chem-Dry Professionals SA to come by and clean your carpet in just a few hours. We are 100% natural and non-toxic, so you will not need to leave the house to avoid the stench of a wet carpet. We offer the best carpet dry cleaners Adelaide has seen in many years at Chem-Dry Professionals SA.

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A Carpet Cleaning Services Adelaide Loves

Receiving a carpet cleaning service by Chem-Dry Professionals SA in the Adelaide area will make your carpet look great in just a few hours. Our natural products ensure that your carpet will not be over-soaked while it is being cleaned with non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals. Along with our cleaning services, we also provide products that help you keep your carpet clean when we are not around. Our carpet deodorisers and strength spot removers bolster the carpet cleaning services Adelaide loves with Chem-Dry Professionals SA.

Visit to view our products available for purchase and our special offers. If you suffer allergies inside your home, our Dust Mite Anti-Allergen bottle might be just what you need to fight off dust and sinus infections. Our pet odour remover will also assist in removing pet urine scents from your carpet, a process that requires only the best cleaners. In our effort to help clients maintain a clean, healthy home in the Adelaide area, we provide products that help you keep your home in its best condition possible.

That’s why Chem-Dry Professionals SA has the carpet cleaning services Adelaide residents can trust. We have put the time and effort into providing carpet cleaning that is safe for everyone and results in a clean, dry carpet in just a few hours. Don’t worry about waiting for days so excess water can dry in your home. We save water, time and stress with our carpet cleaning services in Adelaide suburbs and many surrounding neighbourhoods. Visit our website today to learn more and to receive a cleaning quote.

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Contact the Best Carpet Cleaning Company Adelaide Offers

When searching for a carpet cleaning company Adelaide residents trust, you should seek a business that is dedicated to its clients and uses natural products that do not impact your carpet negatively. Chem-Dry Professionals SA is a reputable business with 28 years of experience in carpet cleaning. Our products ensure that your carpet will dry in just a few hours with no risk of shrinkage or a rotting carpet pad. Soaking carpets may dry very slowly or result in damage to your carpet. We ensure that this does not happen with our high-quality products.

Our goal is to remove dirt and unhealthy material from your carpet. Other cleaners may use soap that attracts dirt after its use. Instead of removing dirt, it pushes the dirt farther down into the carpet. Chem-Dry Professionals SA wants to get rid of the dirt, not hide it. Our natural products are eco-friendly and will help your carpet get clean and stay cleaner longer. The use of these products makes us an advanced carpet cleaning company Adelaide residents can rely on for many years.

Mould and bacteria can grow in your carpet and underpad in just a few hours after steam cleaning. The excessive water only serves to damage your carpet and foster microbes that will result in allergy problems or other health issues. With Chem-Dry Professionals SA, you will not have to worry about those consequences after your regular carpet cleaning. Give us a call and see why we are a great carpet cleaning company Adelaide loves.

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Find Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Residents Trust

If you have spilled wine on your carpet recently, you need to get your carpets cleaned soon after to avoid permanent stains. Located in the Adelaide area, Chem-Dry Professionals SA is a business that features premier carpet cleaning Adelaide residents have relied on for almost 28 years. We use natural, deep-cleaning products to professionally clean the carpet and have it dry in only one or two hours. Pre-vacuuming and deodorizing is included in your carpet cleaning package.

Steam or shampoo can negatively affect your environment and could end up unnecessarily soaking your carpet. Natural cleaners are gaining popularity due to a renewed focus on green technology. We at Chem-Dry Professionals SA believe these cleaners do the job effectively and faster than other general cleaners. In that sense, we have set ourselves apart in carpet cleaning Adelaide suburbs can trust. If you are located around Adelaide, it’s likely we will be able to reach you with our carpet cleaning services.

You can walk on your carpet immediately after the cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about avoiding the area for half a day. No sticky residue will be left behind and your carpet will be as good as new in just a few hours. Whether you are in Burnside, Barossa or Woodville, you will benefit from products such as The Natural, our non-toxic cleaning solution.

Safe for kids and pets, you can keep everyone in the house while we service your carpet without wasting water. Trust the carpet cleaning Adelaide residents can count on.

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Book Carpet Cleaners Adelaide Can Rely On

Having carpets professionally serviced in the Adelaide area can be difficult, especially if you need to wait days for your carpet to dry. With Chem-Dry Professionals SA, your carpet will be dry in a matter of hours and safe to walk on right after cleaning. The use of a solution called The Natural helps lift dirt to the surface of the carpet, where it is extracted after drying for only one or two hours. This simple mechanism helps Chem-Dry Professionals SA stand apart as the best carpet cleaners Adelaide can offer.

Our motto at Chem-Dry Professionals SA is to provide excellent customer service for a fair price. We are a family-owned business that has operated for 28 years in the Adelaide area. We offer same-day services for Adelaide-area clients who need our carpet cleaning services quickly and efficiently. You can rely on us to be there if you have just spilled a glass of wine or chocolate fondue. Our dedication to our clients is what makes us the premier carpet cleaners Adelaide provides.

If you need more than just carpet cleaning, you can come to Chem-Dry Professionals SA for pet odour removal services, vinyl cleaning, tile and grout services and more. We are committed to helping you maintain a clean, healthy home with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff and natural, non-toxic cleaners. Give Chem-Dry Professionals SA a call or view or website today to see why we’re one of the most skilled carpet cleaners Adelaide residents can trust.

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