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Water Damage Restoration

Chem-Dry Professionals SA can re-stretch and repair your carpets removing the unsightly "bubbling and ripples" that can occur when carpets have been incorrectly laid or cleaned by excessive steam cleaning. 

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carpet stretching2
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Let Chem-Dry Professionals SA technician repair or re-strectch the affected areas in your carpet.

Have you been an unfortunate victim of flooding? A leaky roof, broken pipe, or flash flooding can do damage to your property that needs to be treated promptly for both the health of your house and the health of your family. If left untreated even the smallest of spill can result in mildew and mould growth.

Such forms of water damage that comes from excessive moisture in floors and carpets can result in:

  • Encouragement of growth of both mould and bacteria
  • Reduced air quality in the home
  • Damage to the houses foundations and key structural supports.

If left untreated this could result in expensive repairs being required for your floors, carpet, possessions and even ceilings. Chem Dry Professionals SA provides water damage inspectors and our technicians will quickly be able to identify the cause of leaking and floods. Once this source has been identified they will be able to provide solutions to prevent further damage and spread.

We strive to help people live happier and healthier lives with cleaner carpets, flooring and furniture with a safer living space.